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Periodic Examinations, Hygiene Therapy and Sealants

Routine preventative dentistry needs to be a lifelong commitment of both the patient and dental staff. Through regularly scheduled preventative treatment many expensive and time consuming procedures can be avoided.

Preventative dentistry includes periodic examinations, hygiene therapy (cleanings), sealants and fluoride treatments.

Come in for a visit and together we can create a plan for lifelong dental health!

The vast majority of teeth that are lost by adults could have been prevented. Approximately 75% of teeth are lost through gum disease and the rest through tooth decay, both of which are preventable. Our  hygienists, have both trained full time for two years at dental school and specialize in the prevention of periodontal (gum) disease. Our dentist screens the patient for periodontal disease and makes them aware of the findings which often involves one or more hygiene appointments.

"Teeth for Life" is the aim of modern preventive dentistry. These days when teeth are lost, over 90% of the time it is due to gum problems.

The latest micro-scan and x-ray technology to aid diagnosis are available at the practice.

Dr. Wilkop is committed to providing you the best quality dental care possible. To ensure the best treatment possible, Dr. Wilkop uses the newest equipment to deliver the best dental care with the least amount of discomfort. Combining these advancements with regular appointments and healthy habits will keep your smile bright!

Dont Forget When Febuary rolls around be on the look out for our Dental health class presentations for your child at their preschool or elementary. Every year Wilkop Dental Center reaches out into the community and visits classrooms to educate over 2500 children about taking care of their teeth!   2018 was so much fun !